Harvey Ramer's Resume

Harvey Ramer
6106 34th Ct E
Ellenton FL 34222
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Personal Profile

Harvey Ramer is a full stack Web developer and JavaScript engineer who works with collaborative teams to create industry leading web applications. His sixteen-year career includes a Fortune 500 company’s e-commerce platform and a startup. As a leader, he helps others succeed through mentoring and collaborative problem solving. He is a ready learner, who is always focused on his employer’s success.

Core competencies

Professional Experience

Senior Back End Engineer, Parlay App Inc.; Boston, MA — 2022 - 2023

Harvey provides technical guidance, application development, and implementation support on the Parative Platform. He leads a transition from AWS DynamoDB to Postgres and AWS Amplify to NestJS GraphQL. He designs and develops an event-driven system to ingest large amounts of data via AWS API Gateway, SNS, SQS, Lambda, and S3. The event system uses the GraphQL API for CRUD and passes the event payload through a queue as microservices handle various side effects. The GraphQL API scales up with the Aurora Postgres databases to handle the load. He creates CI/CD flows for each system. These changes enable the team to deploy code with limited risk. Harvey also helps mature the collaboration systems and encourages best practices for the development team.

Senior System Architect, Ducks Unlimited; Cordova, TN — 2020 - 2022

Harvey provides technical guidance, application development, and implementation support on all aspects of the Ducks Unlimited technology footprint. Additionally, he is responsible for working closely with business users to solicit business requirements, outline and present technical solutions, and roadmap future development. He works with Azure cloud, Github CI/CD, NodeJS, React, and GraphQL as well as REST API development.

Senior Software Engineer, ProofPort, LLC.; Memphis, TN — 2018 - 2020

Harvey takes a foundational role in the development of a cloud-based web application. He discusses business requirements and helps the team prioritize the highest impact work. In this role, he works as an AWS cloud architect, back-end developer with NodeJS, GraphQL, REST, and SQL. He also works on a front-end application with Vue.JS.

Project Engineer, Green Mountain Technology; Memphis, TN — 2015 - 2018

Harvey helps a team transitioning to single page JavaScript applications build their first Angular application and launch it successfully. He facilitates the creation of a design system built with the popular CSS framework, Bootstrap. He leads a team of developers who build a JavaScript application focused on exposing real-time scan data from parcel shipments.

Web Developer, AutoZone, Inc.; Memphis, TN — 2013 - 2015

Harvey works with a small team of front-end developers. He helps implement SASS for modular CSS, teaches other developers to work with Java-style JavaScript classes, and implements a JavaScript build with RequireJS.

JavaScript Developer, PointRoll; King of Prussia, PA — 2012 - 2013

Harvey works closely with a team of talented developers to build industry leading tools for digital marketers. Using ExtJS, jQuery, HTML, CSS, and Jasmine for testing.

Senior Web Developer, AutoZone, Inc.; Memphis, TN — 2011 - 2012

Harvey manages workflow for the front-end development team. This task requires him to know each team member’s strengths, to assess the effort required to complete tasks, and to prioritize competing tasks.

Web Developer II, AutoZone, Inc.; Memphis, TN — 2010 - 2011

Freelance, Abound Marketing; Norwood, NY — 2004 - 2010

Technical Support Specialist, Frazer Computing, Inc.; Canton, NY — 2006 - 2008


American Intercontinental University — BA (BFA) in Visual Communications: Digital Design, 2004