It has been a few years since I blogged regularly. But now it is time to share some of the things I have learned. Thank you for visiting!

I Am Memphis-Based Software Engineer

Careers are dynamic things. Only a few years ago, I graduated from school with a degree in visual communications. But I didn't work as a designer for long. More was required.

I began designing websites, but soon found that brochure-ware didn't help my customers. They needed real interactions. They wanted to sell things. They needed websites to be an extension of their business—to produce revenue.

To meet their needs, I added PHP and JavaScript to my skill set. I built interactive websites on top of open source tools, especially WordPress.

For the past 16 years, I have arrived at work every day ready to learn something new. I now work full-time as a software engineer.

What to Expect

I will write articles on startups, programming, and team dynamics. I am also interested in cloud architecture with AWS, so expect some articles on that.

Please contact me with any requests.


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