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  1. How to Get More Creative Work Done in a Day

    Productivity is hard, but the facts are simple. Every one of us has 24 hours available each day. Whether we realize it or not, we allocate those hours to the activities we value most. So perhaps when we say we need more time, we aren't discussing time at all. BUSINESS

  2. Stop Coding Under Stress: How to Avoid Bugs and the End of the World

    Programmers and web developers spend most of their time sitting and thinking. How can that be stressful? TECHNOLOGY, BUSINESS

  3. Configure a Node.js Development Environment on Windows 10

    If you want to learn to write code, setting up a development environment can be a barrier to entry. This tutorial offers a simple way to install the tools you need to start working with Node.js on Windows 10. TECHNOLOGY, TUTORIALS

  4. Core Web Vitals for Business Owners Who Want to Keep Their Search Rankings

    Measuring a website's user experience has always been a challenge. Which metrics should we measure, and what tools can give us accurate information? To fix this problem, Google has introduced Core Web Vitals—the metrics they use to evaluate your website's user experience. TECHNOLOGY

  5. 3 Keys to a Useful Website That Actually Works

    Busy web designers often overlook the fundamentals of the user experience and neglect search engine visibility in favor of flashy websites. BUSINESS

  6. Choose Action Over Analysis

    When an idea catches our attention, we ask, "Am I ready to apply this idea if it proves valuable?" If the answer is "No." we move on to other things without regret. BUSINESS

  7. Your Business Is Better, But for Whom?

    People are not alike. At least not in the way most of us believe. During the 2020 presidential election, pundits endlessly discussed the Latino vote, Black vote, College-educated White vote, and the Evangelical vote. Too late, it seems, everyone has discovered there is no such thing as a monolithic vote by everyone who looks similar—even when that similarity is profound. BUSINESS

  8. Free and Easy Ways You Can Grow Your Business with a LinkedIn Page

    Few things are more gratifying and financially rewarding than a healthy, growing business. And one of the best platforms for business marketing results is social media. Unlike anything else, it lets you meet your customers where they are and form personal connections before they make a buying decision. BUSINESS

  9. 9 Easy Ways You Can Boost Your LinkedIn Influence

    Boosting your professional influence on LinkedIn begins with a complete profile and compelling tagline. We break it down into 9 easy steps. BUSINESS

  10. 3 Ways You Can Boost Your Website's Results

    Every small business owner wants a thriving bottom line. Revenue is the life-blood of a business. A website should contribute to our sales efforts, but it is hard to attract customers online. BUSINESS

  11. Focus on the Easy Bits: CI/CD with Azure and Github

    This tutorial will get you started with a basic CI/CD workflow using Github Actions to deploy a Web application to Azure. TECHNOLOGY, TUTORIALS

  12. Get the Drop on the Cloud: Node.js and Azure

    Deploying applications to the cloud can be intimidating. Don't worry though, this guide will stick to the bare essentials. When you've finished here, you will have a web application running on Azure. TECHNOLOGY, TUTORIALS

  13. Making an Even-More-Useful COVID-19 Tracker with Node.js

    Imagine an artist transferring the clutter of her studio directly to the canvas. When we query an API or database, we often transfer that clutter to the user interface. There is a better way. TECHNOLOGY, TUTORIALS

  14. Start Here to Make a Useful COVID-19 Tracker with Node.js

    If you've been wanting to learn Node.js, why not let pandemic worries spur you to action? Let's build a Web application to display the latest COVID-19 statistics. Never fear, we'll make it simple and fun. TECHNOLOGY, TUTORIALS

  15. How To Quickly Deploy an Angular Application with AWS CDK

    Large teams use powerful enterprise tools to manage their cloud infrastructure. But smaller companies sometimes do not have the expertise or resources to use those tools. AWS CDK lets everyone create and maintain their infrastructure as code. TECHNOLOGY, TUTORIALS

  16. 3 High-Quality Lessons from a Failed Startup

    Instead of collecting money, we had encouraging conversations with warm leads and ran too long on the slightest hint of interest they showed. BUSINESS

  17. About This Website

    I didn't work as a designer for long. My customers wanted websites—not brochures. More was required. TECHNOLOGY